Set More Appointments. Close More Deals.

3X Appointments® Live Sales Mentoring Program

3X Appointments® is a live, sales mentoring program designed by Wendy Weiss that will change the way you do business forever. Once you’re trained to a higher level, you’ll be hearing “yes” more – and you’ll never look back.

  • Get better at prospecting for high quality opportunities
  • Gain control over your sales and sales cycle
  • Feel confident and comfortable
  • Learn essential and brand new sales strategies
  • Set more appointments and close more sales

The 3X Appointments® program is completed in 5 stages over the course of weekly meetings. By completing this message-focused course, you’ll create powerful introductions and set more appointments.

Cold calling is still at the heart of sales life. Even with a warm introduction you’re still judged on your first impression and your ability to communicate quick and clear value.

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Business Owners and Sales Managers

Enable your sales team to set more appointments and close more deals.

Whether you choose 3X Appointments® live or on-demand, your team will develop the techniques and tools needed to master the sales process. Improve efficiency so that they stop chasing prospects who seem likely to buy…but who really end up wasting time and go nowhere. See for yourself the dividends this investment delivers well after the engagement and for years to come.

Salespeople and Solopreneurs

Develop the perfect script to effectively bypass gatekeepers and quickly access decision-makers.

Learn how to use voicemail combined with email to get more call backs. Acquire pre-call planning secrets, create targeted lists with the ideal buyers, and build the perfect prospect persona to get in the heads of your prospects and know what makes them tick. 

Develop a bullet proof value proposition and positioning statement that resonates and leads to “Yes!”. Armed with your brilliant new value proposition, you will create high impact verbal and written scripts that get appointments. Now when you hear “I have that”, “Not interested”, “Send me information”, or “Call me back in a month”, you’ll have the tools to manage your response and land the appointment.

Banish Fear & Turn Cold Calls Into Cash!

Reach Highly-Qualified Prospects, Book Appointments, and Close More Sales with Less Stress by Using The Sales Winner’s Handbook.

“Wendy Weiss honed her skills in New York City – If you can cold call there, you can cold call anywhere. New York City is the toughest market in the world. Her techniques are simple, easy to follow, and (here’s the best part)–they work!”

Jeffrey Gitomer, Author of The Sales Bible

Known as The Queen of Cold Calling®, Wendy Weiss is recognized as a leading authority on lead generation, cold calling, and new business development. She guides clients to speed up their sales cycle, reach more prospects, and generate more sales revenue. Her clients double and triple the number of new business appointments they schedule, resulting in a matching increase in sales. Wendy specializes in working with companies that want to revitalize under-performing sales teams.