The Rules Have Changed…
Have You?

The way the commercial real estate industry
 does business has changed forever
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    The game has gotten harder
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    Prospects have less time
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    Prospects have more information
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    Prospects have more choices

Now more than ever,

you need to be a Master at Client Prospecting

NEW! Elite, Live 3X Appointments
Be mentored by Wendy Weiss, The Queen of Cold Calling

3X Appointments, a live mentoring program with Wendy Weiss, will change the way you do business forever because once you’re trained to a higher level, you’ll get used to hearing “yes” – and you’ll never look back.

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    Get better at prospecting
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    Gain control over your sales and sales cycle
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    Feel confident and comfortable
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    Learn essential, brand new sales strategies
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    Get results when you set more appointments & close more deals

What form of marketing costs you absolutely nothing, enables you to have an in-depth, human being-to-human being conversation with your prospects in real time, and takes you only a matter of hours to generate leads that are likely to become clients?

What form of marketing can fill your sales funnel when you’re not getting enough referrals, networking contacts fail to come through with leads or your emails get no response?

Your telephone + today’s new prospecting strategies.

The World Has Changed

Many of the marketing strategies we used to consider foolproof within the commercial real estate industry just aren’t performing anymore. Yesterday’s top techniques become less effective every day – and one day very soon, they’re not going to work at all. You’ve probably felt the frustration or the anger of getting the runaround from your prospects who are scared to make a decision in a still troubled economy – or maybe, as it turns out, who weren’t ever going to become your client in the first place.

And, you may have spent more time than you’d like to admit chasing after prospects who seem likely…but who really end up wasting your time and getting you nowhere.

If you want to set more appointments and close more deals, the key is to get better at prospecting the way it works today. To do that, you need to take advantage of all the new techniques and incorporate them into your strategies.

Your Mentor for 3X Appointments

Known as The Queen of Cold Calling, Wendy Weiss is recognized as a leading authority on lead generation, cold calling, and new business development. She guides clients as they speed up their sales cycle, reach more prospects directly and generate more sales revenue. Her clients double and triple the number of new business appointments they can schedule, resulting in a matching increase in sales. Wendy specializes in working with companies that want to increase sales revenue by generating new business and revitalizing under-performing sales teams. Clients include CBRE, Jones Lang LaSalle, Lee & Associates, Cresa and many commercial real estate professionals throughout the United States and Canada.

What happens in the 3X Appointments program?

Session 1: Getting Past the Palace Guard

You’re about to change the way you feel about prospecting because it’s going to get a whole lot easier for you. Session 1 is packed with fresh, exciting tactics for bypassing gatekeepers and accessing decision makers.

Session 2: Guaranteeing Success

You need a clear plan of action to overcome any challenge. Session 2 focuses on developing effective pre-call planning and strategies.

Session 3: When They Say, “Hello…”

…what will you say? You’ll have the perfect answer when you master the proven introductory techniques revealed in Session 3.

Session 4: Responding to Objections

Fielding objections can actually be fun – no kidding. You’ll be nailing appointments left, right, and center when you’ve mastered the winning plays you discover in this session.

You’ll complete this message-focused portion of the course with a powerful introduction you can use on live calls, voice mails or e-mails.

Additional 2 Months of Weekly Coaching Calls

Following the first 4 weeks, Wendy provides 8 additional weekly group coaching calls to support you as you begin implementing your new prospecting methods.

Live, in-depth, personal mentor training—your springboard to future success!

3X Appointments Includes

  • 4 weeks of content-focused group mentoring.
  • 2 months of weekly group coaching calls following completion of the content sequence.
  • Digital copies of all course materials. You will receive digital copies of presentation slides and all other course-related materials. This will enable you to search, cut-and-paste, and personalize – make them yours!
  • Lifetime access to the audio and video recordings of your 4 content-focused sessions. You’ll be able to review everything you learn in the first 4 weeks as often as you like until you master every concept and technique.
  • Unlimited virtual coaching during your coaching program. The Online Learning Center will be live and accessible while you are in the coaching program so that you get the support you need throughout the program.
  • Free multimedia support suite. On top of everything else, you’ll receive a collection of valuable support materials to help you successfully apply the techniques you’ve learned.

Seating is extremely limited. Call us at 1-866-220-4242 or email Kim Storz at to reserve your seat now.

Still Not Convinced? Here's What Clients Are Saying

"I've read a bunch of books on cold-calling, but actually participating in the program has been the most helpful training of all. The accountability each week along with the real-time practice has made a tremendous difference with me. I have scripts that are proven to work, I'm having quality prospecting calls and the number of appointments I am able to schedule has tripled."

Elizabeth Santos  //  Work Space Realty

"After going through the program I am now converting 50% – 60% of my conversations with decision-makers into qualified meetings."

Erik Dobrovolsky  //  Barclay Street Real Estate

“The program enabled me to double the number of qualified meetings that I am scheduling. I now look forward to and I enjoy prospecting! My manager is very happy too."

Emily Dessingue //  Advisor, Marketing Manager, Cresa

“The number of appointments I am now able to schedule has increased astronomically as a result… I have already more than doubled number of appointments that I scheduled last quarter.”

Jack McDermott  //  Associate, Newmark Knight Frank

"My prospecting calls are drastically better. I feel much more confident and the number of appointments that I am able to schedule has doubled."

Dominic Mascia  //  Cushman and Wakefield

“Commercial real estate is straight commission and no matter what I did, my income remained completely flat. It had been that way for 6 years. …Working with Wendy and following her simple prospecting process enabled me to more than triple my income in less than a year.”

Jonathan Lowe  // KW Commercial

Seating is extremely limited. Call us at 1-866-220-4242 or email Kim Storz at to reserve your seat now.