It’s now almost 2020. Almost a brand-new year. Are you ready for it?

You may have spent the last month or so planning and setting your goals for 2020. Or maybe you’re just getting around to it now. Unfortunately, so many people set goals that do not come to fruition.

In January every sales professional or business owner says to herself/himself, “I’m going to make this year my best year ever,” “I’m going to make more prospecting calls,” “I’m going to network more,” “I’m really going to build my pipeline this year,” “This year, I’m going to close more sales,” “This year, I’m going to hit my numbers out of the park…” and so on. And so few do.

Here is The Queen’s recipe for setting goals that you can accomplish. The secret is in setting yourself up to succeed and then following the Law of Action.

  1. Identify the goal and write it down. Be specific. It’s not enough to say, “I’m going to make more prospecting calls.” You need to identify the specific number of calls you’ll make. If your goal is to “network more,” define the word, “more.” Exactly how and how much?
  2. Identify the reasons you’ve picked this particular goal and write down those reasons. If you don’t have really strong motivation for accomplishing the goals you’ve set out, you likely will not accomplish them.
  3. Write down the exact date that you want to have accomplished your goal. This gives you something to work towards. Or set up bench marks for yourself with goals for particular dates that build on the goal before.
  4. Break your goal down into bite-size pieces or the bite-size steps that you’ll take to reach that goal. If the goal is too large it will overwhelm you, so break it down. Write down all of those smaller pieces or steps.
  5. Set yourself up to succeed. Ask yourself the following question: “Is my goal realistic?” Often people set totally unrealistic goals and then it’s no surprise that they are unable to accomplish those goals. Set yourself up to succeed by picking a goal that you can actually accomplish. Make it a bit of a stretch, but something that is a real possibility.
  6. Follow the Law of Action. Nothing happens until you take action. Take action consistently every single day toward your goal and you will be astonished by what you’ll be able to accomplish.

Happy holidays. Happy New Year.

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