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International Association of Web Entrepreneurs Announces Blog Site Relaunch With Expanded Member Benefits in Collaborative Effort to Help Internet –based Businesses Work, Better, Smarter and Faster

Recently in an Entrepreneur magazine focusing on working better, smarter and faster, Amanda Kooser’s article, Work Smarter, illustrates how Web applications make it possible for businesses to collaborate and store information anywhere in the world. The onset of Web-based applications has helped streamline business, especially Internet business. At the same time, Web applications are just one method of working smarter. It’s equally important for Internet marketers to align themselves with experts and likeminded entrepreneurs to receive the support they need to succeed. The International Association of Web Entrepreneurs helps alleviate the isolation online business owners often feel by providing an online community chock full of collaborative opportunities to grow business.

The International Association of Web Entrepreneurs—President and Founder, Sheri McConnell, along with Founding Partners Marilyn Schwader, Director of Social Media; Susan Daffron, Director of Web Development; and Lisa Manyon, Director of Publicity, recently revamped the AWE offerings to better support online success.

“Many web entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed because they try to do it all alone. That’s where we come in. AWE members can connect with a virtual network of proven resources and experts.” Says McConnell, “We took a collaborative look at what entrepreneurs really need to succeed, we listened to current members and we revamped our offerings to include a re-launch of our blog site. We’ve also introduced a new positioning statement for AWE: “The International Association of Web Entrepreneurs is your global resource for building profitable and ethical online businesses.”

A sampling of membership benefits include:

  • Exposure to 19 Web Marketing Experts who share proven Web strategies to accelerate your success
  • Instant access to the AWE Rolodex, which has more than 100 resources in 50 different business tool categories
  • Weekly Q & A sessions every Thursday to network with members and build your business
  • Exclusive members-only area with special discounts and links to bonus and business building materials (including several you won’t find anywhere else)
  • Monthly teleseminars with experts, which are also available as downloadable audio, with CD’s mailed each month so you can listen at your convenience
  • Promotional platform for member news on the AWE blog to give your online business the recognition it deserves
  • Printed AWE Newsletter to keep up on the latest trends and AWE happenings
  • Global networking with the AWE Facebook Group to expand your contacts
  • Thousands of dollars worth of bonuses from experts

Web entrepreneurs have the opportunity to join AWE and receive the first two months for free. This offer is available to new members across the globe and allows a risk free trial of services.

The International Association of Web Entrepreneurs is a membership-based organization founded by Sheri McConnell of Sheri McConnell Companies, Inc. Members receive access to teleseminars with AWE experts, laser coaching, Q & A sessions, monthly tele-coaching, an invaluable rolodex of online business and marketing resources, business building bonuses, updates on online marketing standard practices, and more. The AWE is your global resource for building profitable and ethical online businesses. To get more information or to join AWE and receive your first two months for free, visit

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