“Business Owner Super Conference”

Brought to you by Janis Pettit and Wendy Weiss

What is that missing piece of inspiration, knowledge or insight you need right now to experience a true breakthrough in your small business?

 Lack of know-how is responsible for more business failures than anything else. That’s why my colleague and I decided to create a business conference to beat all others.

 Rarely do you get an opportunity to access some of the most highly regarded and successful small business experts in one place, ready to share their most dynamic success strategies with you. And you don’t even need to leave your office!

 This virtual conference will include 12 Content Packed Live tele-seminars. Twice each week from October 14th through November 20th, 2008, you’ll be able to call in to these mastermind strategy calls and access another business changing strategy, idea or insight.

 This is the most comprehensive Business Conference this year. 

It’s online and it’s Free.

Follow this link to see more about all of the great speakers we have

lined up and sign up NOW:  http://bizownersuperconference.com/



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