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Independence Day?

I was never supposed to be The Queen of Cold Calling… I was supposed to be a ballerina. If you’ve ever been on one of


Burnt Out

By Wendy Weiss, The Queen of Cold Calling®   Today I’m sharing a question from reader who writes:How do I keep from being burned out while


Are you missing Step 1?

I was recently working with a new coaching client. His mission is to set up appointments on behalf of his manager. My new client was


“Call me in January…”

Many, many business owners and sales professionals believe that the holidays are a bad time for prospecting. Not true. The holiday season can be an


It’s the Holidays!

Thinking that you should cut back or give up on prospecting altogether during this time of year? What to do when…   It’s the Holidays!


Are You Selling?

Many sales professionals believe that they are not actually selling. So that is the question for today’s article…  Are You Selling? By Wendy Weiss, The