Cold Calling Tips from the Queen of Cold Calling

1.  Here is an exercise to help you start to change how you think about introductory calling.  Take 10 minutes each night before you fall asleep to visualize yourself making introductory calls, enjoying yourself and having success. Make up scripts for your prospects where they are happy to speak with you, very receptive and want to schedule an introductory meeting. This is your fantasy, so be creative. The important point here is to reprogram yourself to expect success, to expect a positive response from your prospects. The more you expect success, the more success you will have.

2.  If you experience Telephone Terror, try breaking your fears down to the facts and the stories you tell yourself about those facts. For example: The facts are that you need to make introductory calls. You will call your prospect, speak with your prospect and ask for what you want–the appointment or the sale. The story is: You will be interrupting the prospect, who will then be uninterested and rejecting. My introductory calling story goes like this: Prospects will be happy to hear from me. We will have an interesting and productive conversation. They will say “yes.” Please use my introductory calling story until you develop one of your own.

3.  If you experience Telephone Terror, give yourself a “Reality Check.” Make a list of all of your fears, concerns, and the stories you tell yourself. Calm down, think about it, and then, in a column right next to your fear list, write the rational response. Here are some examples: 

  • Prospects are rude/Some prospects may be rude.
  • Others may not
  • They just say no/But some do say yes!
  • They won’t take my call/Frequently, they do

4.  Make your own Reality Check List. Carry a note pad with you, and every time you think about introductory calling in a negative or fearful way, make a note of the thought. Later, give your rational self a chance to counter with the reality. If you do this, you can begin to talk back to yourself with positive, reality-based responses whenever you become fearful or anxious about your introductory calling.

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