Cold Calling Tips from the Queen of Cold Calling

1. As part of your preparation to make introductory calls, write your introductory script. Your script is how are you going to introduce yourself to your prospect. You must create an approach that catches your prospects’ attention and creates willingness to have a conversation.

2. When crafting your script be sure to include as a part of it, an answer to every and any objection you may hear. You want to be so well prepared that your prospect never asks a question for which you do not have an answer.

3. Write your script the way you speak. Written English and spoken English are different. You’ve all been very well trained in school to write in complete sentences with correct punctuation. Real people, however, do not always talk in complete sentences. Real people are not always grammatically perfect. So make sure to craft your script the way you talk. If you have a hard time with this, talk into a tape recorder, and then write it down.

4. Next step: Practice your script out loud. You want to get comfortable with the language and what you are going to say. Role-play with a friend or a colleague to make sure that your responses to questions and/or objections are right on the tip of your tongue.

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