Cold Calling Tips from the Queen of Cold Calling

1. You may find that you are nervous, afraid or anxious when you first start making prospecting calls, and that is perfectly normal–it is called stage fright. It is preparation and practice that get you through stage fright. The more you call, the easier it gets.

2. Technique is habit. You do the same thing over and over again until it simply becomes a part of you. Building a solid calling technique, that is solid prospecting practices, will get you through your calling anxiety. As you continue to make calls, your anxiety and stage fright will diminish.

3. Here are some numbers to consider: Let’s assume that you are making 5,000 calls a year (that’s 20 calls/day with two weeks off for vacation). If you make 5,000 calls a year, how important is any one phone call or any one lead? If you get a voice mail instead of a person, you have 4,999 more chances. If someone says “no” to you, you have 4,998 more chances. This is a great way of keeping it all in perspective.

4. Some other numbers to consider: If someone were to fill your bathtub with 1,000 marbles, and if on only one marble there was a black dot that made the marble worth $10,000, would you go through all of those marbles to find the one worth $10,000? Of course, you would. Each of those 1,000 marbles is worth $10 to you if you go through all of the marbles and find the one with the black dot. If you stop before you have found that marble with the dot, then all of the marbles are worthless.

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