Cold Calling Tips from the Queen of Cold Calling

  1. Respond to questions and objections.  Questions and objections are a good thing.  It means that your prospect is thinking about what you are discussing and seriously considering doing business with you.
  1. Be relevant.  The more relevant you are to your prospect, the greater will be their interest in your product/service. Conversely the less relevant you are, the less will be their interest. There is a direct correlation, so only present those aspects of your products/services that are relevant to your prospect’s specific challenge.  Generic does not work. 
  1. Shut up. Once you have asked for the meeting be quiet. Let the prospect think and decide how they want to proceed. Too many sales professionals keep talking and thus blow the opportunity to close on the meeting.
  1. Which existing customers might be in a position to offer great referrals?
    If you don’t routinely ask customers for referrals it’s now the time to start. If you do routinely ask for referrals, when is the last time you asked? It might be time to go back and ask again.

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