Cold Calling Tips from the Queen of Cold Calling

  1. You can take many things at face value. If your prospect says, ‘I’m really busy, call me next Friday.’ That means that your prospect is busy, and you should call her next Friday.

  1. When you are making introductory calls, focus only on making introductory calls. Don’t try to get anything else done during that time. Determine ahead of time your schedule for making calls, and do it. Close your office door. Don’t take any calls; just make phone calls.

  1. After a successful call, keep calling. Your energy and enthusiasm will be higher–it will translate to even more success.

  1. Make the inflection at the end of every sentence go down–even if you are asking a question. When people are nervous, they tend to turn everything into a question, with an upward inflection at the end. Your prospect will read this as you being unsure. Correct that by deliberately lowering your inflection–your prospect will read you as strong and confident.

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