Cold Calling Tips from the Queen of Cold Calling

  1. If you are giving a sales presentation, make sure to only give that presentation after you thoroughly understand your prospect’s specific problem and motivation to solve that problem.

  1. Ask the Magic Question: “After our conversation (discussion/you see our presentation…) if you see that our product/service is a perfect fit for you, what would happen next?” Any answer other than the prospect would be ready to move forward means that you have more work to do to close the sale.

  1. Be relevant.  The more relevant you are to your prospect, the greater will be their interest in your product/service. Conversely the less relevant you are, the less will be their interest. There is a direct correlation, so only present those aspects of your products/services that are relevant to your prospect’s specific challenge.  Generic does not work.

  1. Ask for the sale. One of the biggest reasons that sales professionals do not close sales is that they never ask. Determine how you are going to ask for the sale, practice out loud and when the time is right, ask your prospect for that sale.

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