Cold Calling Tips from the Queen of Cold Calling

1. Many times, introductory callers worry about closing the sale, when they should only be focusing on making the introductory call. You cannot allow your anxiety about closing a sale to interfere with the step you need to take to start the process that ultimately will affect that sale.

2. When making introductory calls, stay ‘in the moment.’ That means that you are only thinking about what you are doing right then. You are not looking at the past; you are not looking into the future. If your previous call was a disaster-it doesn’t matter. It is now history. Don’t worry about future calls, they’re in the future. You are in the present-moment by moment. And what you should be doing at the moment is making an appointment.

3. If your prospect is using a similar product/service, most likely that prospect believes the product/services to be of value in some way. That means that your prospect needs you or someone just like you to provide the value they want.

4. If your prospect is already using a similar product or service, then making the decision to purchase this particular item is part of their job. And they are supposed to do their job to the best of their ability. Part of that would be finding the best for the least, staying on top of new developments in the field, exploring options, contingency planning… Meeting with you works to your prospect’s advantage. By introducing yourself and your product or service, you are helping your prospect to do her job.

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