Cold Calling Tips from the Queen of Cold Calling

1. When you give your prospect your contact information and when you are repeating the meeting date and time, use your voice to direct your prospect to write everything down. Speak s-l-o-w-l-y and distinctly, at a pace that they can write. Your prospect will interpret this way of speaking as a direction to write. This way, they, too, will have the meeting in their calendar, and there should be no mix-ups.

2. Having a script frees you to be yourself. You are prepared, you know your product, features and customer benefits, and you know what you want to achieve with the telephone call. You are ready for any objection your prospect may voice. You can relax-you can be yourself.

3. Your script is fluid. It is not meant to be read word for word, but is an outline or a guide as to how you wish to represent yourself, your company, your product or service and what you want to accomplish.

4. When prospecting by phone, it is not just what you say-it’s how you say it. To achieve the maximum effect with your delivery, you will want to practice what you will say and practice different ways of saying it. Do this until you come up with the way that you think is most effective and will give you the result you want.

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