Cold Calling Tips from the Queen of Cold Calling

1. Once you have your prospect on the telephone, clearly identify yourself and your company. Get to the point. Articulate customer-focused benefits. Ask for what you want.

2. Your script must be written in a ‘real person’ conversational manner. We speak differently than we write. If your script is in written English, you will sound phony. Write your script the way you speak. Forget capitalization, punctuation or complete sentences. Real people don’t actually talk in complete sentences. You can underline or highlight the most important points of your script. If you have a hard time writing your script, speak into a tape recorder first, and then write it down.

3. Never, ever put your prospect on hold. You’ll lose your prospect’s interest and your impetus this way. Make sure to give your prospect your complete attention.

4. Don’t be stumped by prospect objections. Do your homework, and don’t be caught unprepared. If there are prospect objections that are unique to your industry or if a prospect voices an objection that you have not heard before, take the time to work out the answers. Then, try those answers out until you find an answer that works. Be creative, and be ready with your responses.

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