Cold Calling Tips From the Queen Of Cold Calling

1. Do not ask, ‘May I have a moment of your time?’ Generally, your prospect will answer, ‘What do you want?’ starting your conversation off on the wrong foot. Assume the time is okay. Identify yourself and your company, and say what you have to say. If this is not a good time, your prospect will let you know.

2. Do not ask, ‘Are you the person who purchases…?’ Your answer will probably be, ‘What do you want?’ or ‘What are you selling?’ You should have done your homework and already have a good idea of who the decision-maker would be. Allow your prospect to self-qualify. Tell your prospect about the value you offer, and let her tell you that she is the decision-maker. If you are still not sure, ask, ‘Who else is involved in this decision?’

3. Do not argue with your prospect or tell her that she is wrong if your prospect is uninterested or will not schedule a meeting at this time, do not tell her she is stupid, misguided or just plain wrong. Remember that your prospect’s priorities and your priorities are bound to be different. If you leave your conversation on a good note, you can continue to stay in touch, and perhaps the situation will change. If you have an argument with your prospect, chances are you will never get in to see her.

4. Do not expect, on a cold call, that anyone will ever call you back. It is your job to get in touch with your prospect. If someone does return a phone call–consider that to be a bonus. Be persistent in pursuing your prospect. Take control, and take the power. I can think of nothing more frustrating than waiting by the phone for your prospect to call.

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