Cold Calling Tips from the Queen of Cold Calling

1. Be persistent. Keep making telephone calls. Prospects actually appreciate persistence. They frequently see persistence as an illustration of how you will deliver when you get the account.

2. Do not ask your prospect, ‘How are you today?’ Generally, they will answer, ‘I am fine; what do you want?’ This immediately starts your conversation off on the wrong foot. Simply identify yourself and your company, and say what you have to say. If this is not a good time, your prospect will let you know.

3. If you are setting up meetings for someone else, you can say things about that individual that they themselves cannot. Don’t be afraid to gush. Point out all relevant personality traits: ‘She is so talented.’ ‘She is so down-to-earth.’ ‘She really understands this business.’ You get the idea. Coming from a second party, these types of statements are very powerful. If you say them about yourself, however, you simply sound like a braggart.

4. If you are trying to name the prospect and you reach an automated telephone answering system, the type that is sometimes used to replace the receptionist (dial 1 for this, 2 for that…), try to find a way to reach a human being. Dial 0 for Operator and try, ‘Before you connect me, I need to reach your (prospect’s title). Who would that be please?’ Another option: Randomly dial numbers until you reach a person. Identify yourself, and say, ‘I’m hoping you can help me… I need to reach… Who would that be?’

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