Cold Calling Tips from the Queen of Cold Calling

1. Ask for a meeting. Keep asking for a meeting. Do not expect that your prospect will guess what you want or offer what you want. It is your job to ask and keep asking till you get what you want.

2. Initial prospect objections frequently mask the real objections. Part of your response to an objection must be to help your prospect articulate their real objection, which you can then address.

3. Prospect objections are a way of getting information about your prospect. Use the objections to get your prospect talking.

4. Always follow up your introductory meetings and continue to follow up. Remember the ‘Rule of Seven’-that, on average, most sales are made somewhere between the 7th to 12th contact with a prospect (a ‘contact’ can be a phone call, an e-mail, a letter or any type of contact). The introductory meeting is only the beginning of your relationship.

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