Cold Calling Tips from the Queen of Cold Calling

1. Whatever you believe, i.e., your thoughts, influence your actions. Your actions, of course, influence your results. If you want different results or better results, circle back around to what you believe. The way that you think about cold calling and prospecting will help determine the results that you get.

2. When you are making your calls, focus “in the moment.” Think only about what you are doing right then. Don’t look at the past; don’t look into the future. Stay in the present, deal with what is happening in the moment and continue to move forward.

3. If you have had a problem with an earlier call, if you are anxious about being able to schedule a meeting or about the possible outcome of the call, you need to do the work to reduce your anxiety. You cannot allow your anxiety about past or future events make you lose focus.

4. If you’ve had a difficult call or an unsuccessful call, you must let go of that call and the feelings you may have about it. Don’t fall into the trap of allowing yourself to hold onto those negative feelings about prospecting. If you are unable to let it go, you will probably simply have more unsuccessful, difficult calls.

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