Cold Calling Tips from the Queen of Cold Calling

1. The way to be comfortable and increase your success in prospecting is to do your homework and prepare ahead of time. When you prepare for your calls before you actually get on the telephone, you will be in a much stronger position than if you simply “wing it.” To be prepared, know what you want to accomplish on the call and how you plan to present yourself, your product, service and/or company.

2. There are three key elements you’ll need to address in order to prepare for your prospecting calls: The What, Who and Where. What are you selling? Who is going to buy it? Where will you find them?

3. The “What” encompasses the benefits and/or value that your customers and future customers receive from using your products or services. This is sometimes called a “value proposition” or WIIFM, “What’s in it for me?” from your prospects’ point of view. If you are able to quickly help your prospect understand the value you are offering you will be able to gain that prospect’s attention and have a conversation.

4. The “Who” is out of everyone in the entire world, who might conceivably buy what you’re selling, who is most likely to buy what you’re selling? Who is mostly likely to buy a lot of what you are selling? And who is most likely to come back and buy again and again? These are the prospects that you want to call. Introductory calling should be very targeted. The more targeted you are, the better your results.

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