Cold Calling Tips from the Queen of Cold Calling

(1) If you are new to introductory calling or if you are trying out a new approach, practice your script out loud a number of times until you are comfortable and fluid with the language. Get together with a friend and/or colleague and do some role playing. Your friend/colleague should be the prospect and should give you a very hard time. This way you’ll be prepared for those prospects who are more difficult.

(2) A great way to get in some practice with live prospects is to make a list of prospects you’re not that interested in. Call them. This will be a low risk, low anxiety practice with a live prospect. Only do this for practice. Once you are comfortable and you feel your approach is working, you must immediately start calling appropriate prospects who will be more in need of the products or services you offer.

(3) When you practice your script over and over, you are building your technique–your habits that will get you through your introductory calls. If you are prepared, and you work with the material and practice it, your approach and manner will simply become second nature. You will immediately be able to start a comfortable conversation with your prospect.

(4) Your practice time should include practicing your answers to objections and/or questions you may hear. If you practice ahead of time, you will not have to stop and think when a prospect offers an objection. You will know the answer–it will be automatic.

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