Cold Calling Tips From the Queen Of Cold Calling

1. Wear comfortable clothes. We are not yet at the day where everyone has a video monitor next to the telephone. Your prospect cannot see you. It does not matter what you are wearing. It does matter that you are comfortable, so that you can focus and concentrate. If your business attire is uncomfortable-change clothes! If your shoes are killing you-take them off!!

2. A headset is a must. For many years, I worked with my telephone lodged between my shoulder and my head. This gave me a perpetual crook in the neck and incredible tension in my shoulders and upper back. Finally, I purchased a headset. No more neck, back and shoulder strain! A headset leaves your hands free. It’s easier to take notes, access information or gesture (which-even though your prospect cannot see you-makes your conversation more real).

3. Make sure that your telephone has a clear sound. If you are not sure, use someone else’s phone to call yours and have a colleague standing by to answer it. This way, you will know for sure. 

4. Set up your system to keep track of every single lead and make sure that you use it, every time.

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