Cold Calling Tips from the Queen of Cold Calling

1. If the screen asks, “What is this in reference to?”, if you have forwarded materials, either before the introductory call or at your prospect’s request after the initial call, simply answer, “We’ve had correspondence. Please tell Ms. Decision-Maker that (your name) from (your company) is on the line.”

2. Before you start making your calls, find out what is the usual title of the decision-maker for your product or service. When calling, ask for the person who has that title. This way you will avoid the question: “Are you the person who purchases….”

3. When trying to find your prospect, call the highest-level person that you believe might be the decision-maker. If that person is not the decision-maker, generally, they will know who is. That person may even be reporting to them.

4. Develop your qualifying questions to ask your prospect, questions whose answers will confirm that you are indeed speaking with the decision-maker. Examples could be: “How often do you use this type of service?” “Who is your current vendor?” “What are your concerns about this service?” Everyone will have different qualifying questions. You need to decide what makes a prospect qualified to do business with you.

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