Cold Calling Tips from the Queen of Cold Calling

1. What can I do for my existing customers to create greater value for them?
Creating additional value builds customer loyalty. It is always important to have customer loyalty… especially during a recession.

2. Who can I refer to one of my existing customers or prospects?
See #1 above. Helping customers creates loyalty. It also induces reciprocity. If you help a customer, they will feel obliged to help you, perhaps with an additional order, perhaps with a referral or perhaps simply by not switching to another vendor.

3. What else (products or services) can I offer existing customers and prospects?
Additional products and services mean potential additional sales. What makes sense to add to your existing offerings? Now might be the time to add them.

4. Which existing customers might be in a position to offer great referrals?
If you don’t routinely ask customers for referrals it’s now the time to start. If you do routinely ask for referrals, when is the last time you asked? It might be time to go back and ask again.

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