Cold Calling Tips from the Queen of Cold Calling

1. Always follow up your introductory meetings and continue to follow up. Remember the ‘Rule of Seven’-that, on average, most sales are made somewhere between the 7th to 12th contact with a prospect (a ‘contact’ can be a phone call, an e-mail, a letter or any type of contact). The introductory meeting is only the beginning of your relationship.

2. Here are some key words to use when trying to get information:



          ‘I am hoping that you can help me…’

          ‘I am hoping that you can give me some advice…’

 People love to help, and people love to be asked for advice.

3. Here are some key questions to ask prospects:

          ‘When should I call you back?’

          ‘How should I follow up?’

          ‘What is the next step?’

          ‘Who else is involved in this decision?’ 

4. Speak your prospect’s language. If a prospect says that you can ‘drop by,’ arrange to ‘drop by’ at a time that is convenient for both of you. If your prospect says that you can ‘drop by’ and you talk about a meeting or an appointment, you are speaking two different languages, and you will scare your prospect and therefore not get in the door.

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