Cold Calling Tips from the Queen of Cold Calling

1. Whether trying to ascertain a good time to call your prospect back or trying to schedule a meeting, it is a good idea to give alternate choices. ‘Is this afternoon good, or would tomorrow morning be better?’ It is much easier for your prospect to decide ‘when’ rather than ‘whether.’

2. Call when the prospect is in. Call when you know you can reach the prospect. Early, late, lunchtime…. Your industry may have times that are specific to that industry. Call when the secretary said to call back.

3. Frequently, sales people feel that they need their prospect or customer more than the prospect or customer needs them. If your prospect is already using a similar product or service, they want the benefit that product or service provides-they are buying it. Therefore, they need you or someone just like you to provide that benefit or value.

4. If you have experienced the frustration of trying to move your sales process forward, if you are confused about how to get your prospect to take action and you feel blocked at every turn then you need the simple yet effective system outlined in ‘How to Follow-up with Prospects.’ This system will end your frustration and shorten your sales cycle.

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