Cold Calling Tips from the Queen of Cold Calling

Tips for Selling in a Shaky Economy

1. Turn off your television and radio. Stop reading the paper. Above all, stop listening to the doom and gloom about the economy. The economy is what the economy is. If you spend all of your time listening to bad news, it gets more and more difficult to sell. Instead, take action. Call a prospect. Call a current customer and ask for more business. Call a current customer and ask for a referral. Call someone and sell something.

2. Stop thinking, “Recession” start thinking, “Opportunity.” There is always opportunity when the market is shifting. Find it. Economic downturns can also be times when fortunes are made, so keep looking. This mind set will give you the power and energy to keep selling.

3. During difficult economic times vendor loyalty can be shaky. This is a great time to go after accounts that have previously been locked up and held tight by your competition. If you know your competition, you know their flaws. Where might they be susceptible? Go after those accounts.

4. Qualify your prospects. Far too many sales representatives spend far too much time chasing after prospects that will never buy. Don’t be shy. Ask the hard questions that determine whether or not you’re speaking with real prospects. Qualify your prospects out. Then, if you are not speaking with a real prospect, move on.

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