Cold Calling Tips from the Queen of Cold Calling

1.  Examine your business, product or service and how you see yourself and your intentions. Recognize that you are a reputable person with integrity, representing a beneficial product or service.

2.  Set up a comfortable, organized, quiet environment in which to work. Get a good telephone, a landline is the best and make sure that it has clear sound. Get a headset so that you don’t have neck and shoulder problems down the road.

3. Take out your calendar or Palm Pilot and schedule time to prospect. This will be your sacred prospecting time. At the time that you have scheduled, stop what you are doing and prospect. During the time that you have scheduled make sure that all that you do is prospect. When you have used up all of the time that you scheduled, stop prospecting and go on to do something else.

4.  Keep track of the times that are best to reach your prospects, and call them then.

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