Cold Calling Tips from the Queen of Cold Calling

1. Definitions for Sales 101: Features–facts, specifics, traits and characteristics. The most important aspect of a Feature is that no one cares. Your prospects are interested in Benefits. Always lead with a customer-centered benefit.

2. Do not expect, on a cold call, that anyone will ever call you back. It is your job to get in touch with your prospect. If someone does return a phone call–consider that to be a bonus. Be persistent in pursuing your prospect. Take control, and take the power. I can think of nothing more frustrating than waiting by the phone for your prospect to call.

3. Once you have your prospect on the telephone, clearly identify yourself and your company. Get to the point. Articulate customer-focused benefits. Ask for what you want.

4. Examine your business, product or service and how you see yourself and your intentions. Recognize that you are a reputable person with integrity, representing a beneficial product or service.

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