Cold Calling Tips from the Queen of Cold Calling

1. Sometimes a prospect may swear up and down that they are loyal to their current vendor. Frequently that is exactly the type of prospect that you want. If you are able to turn this prospect into a customer, they will be just as loyal to you and will give all other callers the same objections that you heard. Other callers will not be as tenacious or skilled as you; therefore, you will have this customer for a very long time.

2. Being persistent and tenacious shows dedication and commitment. This demonstrates to your prospect/customer how you will tackle a project for them, that you will do whatever it takes to get it done, just as you did when making the introductory call and scheduling the introductory meeting. Your prospects will respect you for your conviction and persistence.

3. When you’ve set up an introductory meeting, make sure to confirm the meeting. Think of the confirmation call as an opportunity to “resell” the meeting and to insure that your prospect will be there when you show up. Assume that your prospect will confirm–they did schedule the meeting in the first place. If, for some reason, your prospect does need to reschedule, while you have them on the line, check your calendar and reschedule the meeting.

4. When calling to confirm an appointment, you can simply say: “I’m calling to confirm our meeting on (fill in the day and time).” You can also use the guilt technique, adding: “I’m really looking forward to meeting you…” “I’ve put together the samples we discussed…” “I’ve thought a lot about your situation…” You get the idea.

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