Commercial Real Estate
Coaching Success Stories


Jake has been a tenant rep commercial broker for almost 20 years. He contacted approximately 1.5 years ago because his income was flat. Jake wanted to up his game and to be in the top 20% of income earners at his company. He also wanted to stay in the top 20%. Jake had achieved this level of production only once before in his career.

By the time Jake came to he was an experienced broker who had learned basic prospecting skills early in his career. He was, however, all over the place in terms of his prospecting efforts, taking whatever opportunity came in the door and/or prospecting for almost any user who occupied office space, regardless of size or industry. In addition, his prospecting efforts were anemic. He averaged 3 prospecting calls per day for the 2 years before he joined the coaching program. At that time, his income was approximately $300K annually.

Working with the coaching team Jake identified the profile of his ‘Ideal Prospect.’ He committed to focusing his prospecting efforts only on office users that matched the parameters of his ‘Ideal Prospect.’ He stopped taking whatever deal came in the door but instead focused his prospecting efforts on the larger opportunities that he had identified.

Jake also needed help with accountability, time management and efficiency. He struggled to find time for prospecting while working on the transactions that were in his pipeline. The coaching team helped Jake establish a prospecting process and easy to implement system for prospecting. They recommended tools and software that made his prospecting efforts more efficient. The coaching team also set up an accountability process for him that kept him on track.

Today Jake is on his way to achieving his goal. He is making consistent efforts to build his business and he has much larger opportunities in his pipeline which is now well over the several million dollar mark. Jake is on his way.


Jon had been a commercial real estate broker for approximately 7 years when he came to Jon had ambitious revenue goals, but was very frustrated as his income had remained flat for most of his career. Jon had recently started at a new firm and was charged with building his team and growing a very large new territory.

Working with the coaches from Jon developed a replicable prospecting system to consistently reach out to 7 different markets and find qualified opportunities. Jon‘s new system included complete sets of prospecting messaging for each market including appointment-setting scripts, follow-up scripts, nurturing scripts along with voicemail scripts and email templates. The coaching team also recommended tools and software to make the prospecting system more efficient and to enable Jon to manage, coach and keep the people he planned to hire accountable to following the system.

Once all the pieces were in place, Jon hired 2 new, business development people. Their job was to fill his pipeline with appointments so he could do what he does best, consult with clients and complete their transactions.

Putting this simple system in place enabled Jon to triple his revenue in less than one year.