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Case Studies

New Business Meetings Doubled for Commercial Real Estate Firm

The Staubach Company (now Jones, Lang, LaSalle) is a commercial real estate company with offices in New York City. The attrition rate for new hires in this industry is very high.  Junior brokers are paid commission-only and, as industry insiders often put it, “They must eat what they kill.” Prospecting is the life blood of any successful commercial real estate broker.

Staubach hired Wendy Weiss to work with junior brokers and new hires at the firm. In a 6-month training program, which also included a competition between two teams of junior brokers and new hires to see which team could schedule the most first appointments, the participants achieved an increase of 51% in new business meetings with prospective clients, resulting in a projected increase in total revenue of $1.1 million.

Three-fold Increase in Appointments for Financial Payment Institution

ParishPay provides financial payment solutions for private schools and parents. They were using an outsourced lead generation and appointment-setting service to market their services to the schools they had targeted. The company had an outside sales team members whose job was to go on face-to-face appointments and meet with prospects. They also had a 3-person inside sales team whose job was to follow up on leads generated by the outsourced service, to confirm on-site appointments and to close smaller opportunities over the telephone.

Unfortunately, the lead generation and appointment-setting service was not actually generating leads and/or setting many appointments. The service generated a total of 45 meetings for ParishPay over a one-year period.

The following year, ParishPay hired Wendy Weiss to train their now 2-person inside sales team to set appointments. By the end of an intensive three-month training period the two inside sales representatives had set a total of 128 appointments. This represented an almost 300% increase in qualified appointments scheduled.

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