Don’t Let This Happen to You – Again!

This time of year I hear from many sales professionals and business owners who are simply not happy about where their sales ended the previous year. These sales professionals and business owners simply weren’t able to hit their sales revenue goals (or maybe they simply didn’t have goals in the first place). In real life terms that meant not being able to accomplish what they wanted to accomplish in their business or career. It also meant not living the lifestyle they wanted to live.

If the above describes you – there is a solution:

  • Step #1: Take a clear look at 2015 and identify the obstacles that kept you from getting to where you wanted to be
  • Step #2: Determine if those same obstacles remain for 2016
  • Step #3: Determine if any other ugly new obstacles have reared their heads for 2016

Once you have done that, you are halfway to finding a solution. Step #4, of course, is one by one, step-by-step to remove those obstacles. This is where most people get stuck.

I would like to help you achieve your sales revenue goals this year. Let’s figure out what went wrong in 2015 so that it does not happen again in 2016. To do that, however, I need you to do something first: Take 10 minutes right now to reflect on your 2015 sales.

 Then answer my question:  

What is your #1 biggest obstacle to achieving your sales goals in 2016?

 What is the one thing you believe stands between you and the money you want to be making?  

Then please hit REPLY and send me your answer

Once I hear from you, I will be able to offer recommendations in future issues of this newsletter on how to remove those obstacles and achieve your goals – once and for all. 

 Ten minutes. 


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