How do you warm up your prospects before a cold call?

Question from a Subscriber: How do you warm up your prospects before a cold call?

Wendy’s Answer: You warm up for your call by doing your homework ahead of time. That includes:

  1. Understanding the issues and challenges that confront your prospect
  2. Understanding the value of your offering to the prospect
  3. Knowing the goal of your conversation–when you hang up the telephone what do you want to have accomplished?
  4. Creating your script that clearly outlines the value that you offer to customers or clients. Create your script by looking at 1-3 above. Your script should also include the answers to questions and/or objections that you are bound to hear.
  5. If you are uncomfortable with cold calling, practice your script out loud before you start making calls. You want to sound conversational, even though you’re using a script. (Actors do this all the time, you can too.)

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