How To Take The Cold Out Of Cold Calling

On Wednesday, November 12th, 4pm EST,  I am hosting a webinar featuring Sam Richter, Prospecting Expert, on “How to Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling”.  Ensure you are prepared for your next sales meeting and learn: 

  • The “Platinum Rule” and how it will dramatically change how you interact with prospects, clients (and probably everyone in your life)
  • The value of building relationships and how it can ensure you’re the only one asked to the table when your prospects are ready to buy
  • The theory of the “Fourth R” and value-based “warm call selling”
  • How to use the “Customer Data Aggregator” and expert “Warm Call Scripts” to organize information
  • How to locate free sales lead lists, membership lists, and lead sources
  • Inside secrets on using the Internet to locate critical business information

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