Inside Sales Training, Tuesday, September 8th

If you’re looking for affordable and effective inside sales training for your team, then I’d like to introduce you to a colleague of mine, Mike Brooks, Mr. Inside Sales.  Mike is author of the best-selling book on inside sales, “The Real Secrets of the Top 20% – How To Double Your Income Selling Over the Phone.”  As his name suggests, Mike knows everything and anything about how to sell your product or service over the phone!

Mike offers one of the most powerful and core sales skills driven training programs in the industry today.   If you or your sales team uses the telephone to sell your product or service B to B or B to C, then this Top 20% Inside Sales Teleseminar is designed for you.  Mike teaches you, word for word, what you need to say and do to overcome objections, qualify more prospects and close more business selling over the phone.

This Top 20% Teleseminar is a four week, one hour a week, training and begins right after Labor Day, on Tuesday, September 8th at Noon Eastern.

All you need is a telephone to attend, and the cost is the best I’ve seen for so much value: Just $299 per rep, or a flat $1,500 for groups up to 20 sales reps (that’s just $75 per rep!).  Companies have set records for production and even doubled their sales as a result of this exceptional training, and I recommend you take advantage of it, too!  You can Read More About It  Here.

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