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Create Huge Commission Checks By Filling Your Pipeline
Only With Qualified Prospects Who Are Eager To Buy
Using Only Your Email And Phone...Even If
You're Tech Challenged Or Lack Sales Experience

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    Yes Wendy! I want to knock my quota out of the park by creating a pipeline filled only with highly qualified prospects with money to spend vs. prospects who waste my time. I am excited to get started immediately and start seeing results in 14 days or less using just my phone and email, and I can do it in a natural way while providing value to my prospects.

Jeffrey Gitomer

Author of The Sales Bible

“Wendy Weiss honed her skills in New York City – If you can cold call there, you can cold call anywhere. New York City is the toughest market in the world. Her techniques are simple, easy to follow, and (here’s the best part) – they work!

Here’s what you’re getting: access to the online training, the Prospecting By Phone And Email - Special Edition, the ONLY training that you can complete in 48 hours so you can start filling your pipeline with qualified prospects ready to buy. Prospecting is the most important step of the sales process. Without it, a sale simply cannot happen.

When you log into your member’s area, you’ll get full access to continually updated training right at your fingertips! You’ll jump right in to start implementing easy steps, even if you’re just starting out.

You'll hit the ground quickly because each module can be consumed in 90 minutes or less, and you’ll get access to templates and scripts that can be used the same day!

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Skyrocket Your Sales Results And Earn Record Breaking Commission Checks

Connect with decision makers with confidence and authority with scripts that have been used and refined by thousands of clients in multiple industries and proven to work even in the toughest market (New York City).

Fill Your Pipeline With Qualified Prospects Ready And Eager To Buy
Build a list of your Top 25 Ideal Prospects who match your buying criteria and have money to spend vs. just anybody. Create tight relationships, and make a lasting impression with your prospects by delivering value with each interaction.

Create Peace Of Mind By Knowing Exactly What To Do And When
Get daily plans so you know who to follow up with, when to follow up, what to say and how often to follow up. No more agonizing over, “Should I call? Should I send another email? Should I wait another day? What do I say to get them to call back or reply?”

Close Your Sales Faster
Use power words designed to shorten your sales cycle and move the sale forward so you can collect those commission checks faster. :) No more winging it on these critical sales calls.

You’ll get training, tools, templates and checklists that have been honed in the real world by thousands of customers in multiple industries, and these are continually updated to address the constant change in the marketplace.

Act Now And Get These Amazing Bonuses Worth Over $1,000 

Bonus #1: Prospecting Without Fear (a $19 value) -- If you’ve ever felt that twinge of dread over your next prospecting call, these top tips will stop the fear before it starts and give you the confidence you need to succeed.

Bonus #2: What Not to Do in a Cold Call Email (an $18 value) -- Many prospectors fall into the same often-overlooked and easily-corrected email blunders. Could you be one of them? Get the answers in this 8-page special report.

Bonus #3: The Ultimate Follow-Up System (a $99 value) -- This recording of a hugely popular web workshop describes, in great detail, how to manage your customer relationships, categorize prospects and follow up at just the right time in just the right way for maximum conversions.

Bonus #4: The Voice Mail Report (a $27 value) -- You know how frustrating it is to get blocked by voice mail when you’re trying to reach prospects. In this 19-page special report, you’ll learn to craft compelling, targeted messages that get answered.

Bonus #5: Mastering Your Mindset Workbook (a $47 value) -- Discover the Law of Action: if you can master a positive attitude – a productive mindset – you put yourself in the position to make things happen. This 54-page eBook offers dozens of exercises & 7 articles to help you succeed.

Bonus #6: The Queen’s Rolodex -- You’re getting complete access to my own (priceless) personal rolodex – a collection of the very best prospecting resources I’ve discovered and used myself to achieve quick results.

Bonus #7: 5 detailed case studies (a $247 value) -- Get details on how 5 different clients have prospered by using the techniques from the Prospecting By Phone And Email - Special Edition. See how these clients have earned 6 figures by 30, became the #1 salesperson at their organization, won exotic vacations and retired family members.

Bonus #8: 6 industry Guides ($197 value) -- A proven way to improve your results is to demonstrate you understand your client’s problems in their language and the fastest way to do that is to use these industry guides.

MEGA BONUS! 2 live Q&A Group Coaching Calls ($797 Value) 

Break through your most challenging prospecting and sales challenges with personal help from Wendy. This level of access is normally only given to private coaching clients and, for a limited time, you can get personal coaching from Wendy at no additional fee!

Corporations pay thousands to Wendy for personal help, and you get 2 group coaching calls with Wendy for FREE! ($797 value)

On that basis, I’m claiming my membership at a massive savings to claim the Prospecting By Phone And Email - Special Edition, the 8 bonuses listed above plus the never before offered mega bonus group coaching calls.

Yes, I’m IN at over a 50% savings! I want Wendy’s training, tools, and templates so I can have record breaking sales, massive commission checks and recognition that comes from being a rainmaker at my company. I want the peace of mind that comes from filling my pipeline full of highly qualified prospects who are ready to buy and having a proven follow up system to maximize my sales.


Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed – no strings! If you’re not happy with the Prospecting By Phone And Email - Special Edition for any reason, just let me know in 30 days– you’ll get all your money back, no questions asked.” — Wendy Weiss, The Queen Of Sales Prospecting.

Our first goal is to help you get at least 5 more qualified prospects in your pipeline in 14 days or less so you can start making more sales as quickly as possible.

Here's What Our Clients Are Saying

“I purchased your Prospecting By Phone And Email - Special Edition… and by following the simple suggestions have dramatically improved my process and results in just one month. Your help in improving my skills in this area may have changed my life! Off to some in person meetings tomorrow…had some last week too, and people are calling ME back!”

Heather Buyers  //  Walk Live Westchester

“Wendy, your Prospecting By Phone And Email - Special Edition’ has significantly increased my confidence and that of my team. Recently, I scheduled 6 appointments in just 8 hours of calling time! This program has brought joy to my work rather than the dread I used to feel.”

Mary Beth Cameron  //  Lead Generator Manager, Real Results

“Knowing how to prospect effectively has been life changing for me. I’ve been able to buy my own house, motorcycles, scooters and a restored '69 MGB. It’s so liberating knowing that I have a skill that’s always in demand that also allows me to work from anywhere. When you know how to prospect, you can pretty much write your own ticket.”

Jennifer Hasan  //  Freelancer

“With Wendy’s help, I’ve been promoted to Director and I now earn over $300,000 and I’m not even 30 years old. Prior to working with her, I was so nervous about my abilities that I did calls from the conference room so my fellow workers couldn’t hear how nervous I was. I secretly hoped that the party I was calling wouldn’t answer.

I knew that my company really valued somebody who could bring in business, so I sought out Wendy for help. It does take work and the rewards are well worth it.”

Jack Smith  //  Commercial Real Estate

“My company changed my territory so that I went from mostly renewals to having to open new accounts. My results plummeted. After working the program, I went from almost being fired to having my best year ever. I can’t thank you enough, Wendy, for these results.”

Thomas Boyd  //  Canon Solutions America

“Wendy taught me how to prescreen people better so I could stop driving everywhere and meeting just anybody. Using her techniques, I have built a $200,000 recurring income while doubling my time off.

With the extra money and time, I can now vacation in Hawaii every year and enjoy expensive ballroom dancing classes. I also take better care of myself and have a happier, healthier lifestyle with good food and proper exercise.

Jerry Iacangelo  //  Financial Advisor

“I didn't want to sit at my desk and make a 3% increase every year. I put a 5-year plan in place because I wanted to have control over my income and control over my schedule.

With this system and your help, I've knocked my quota out of the water. I'm the only one globally who is hitting their quota. I won top global sales three years in a row and my income has increased substantially. I work really hard, but I'm in another stratosphere than where I was when I was doing project management.

I’ve even retired my husband so that he can stay home and take care of the kids. That’s quite an accomplishment given that we live in New York.”

Karen Smith  //  Professional Services

$997 (Save 51%)

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Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed – no strings! If you’re not happy with the Prospecting By Phone And Email - Special Edition for any reason, just let me know in 30 days– you’ll get all your money back, no questions asked.” — Wendy Weiss, The Queen Of Sales Prospecting.

Our first goal is to help you get at least 5 more qualified prospects in your pipeline in 14 days or less so you can start making more sales as quickly as possible.

Wendy Weiss
The Queen Of Sales Prospecting

P.S. Just imagine in 14 days from now having the peace of mind that comes from knowing with 100% confidence that you’re filling your pipeline with qualified prospects who are ready and eager to buy from you. No more empty sales calendar, no more anxiety from not knowing when the next sale is going to happen and no more stress knowing you’ll be let go.

Having this life changing skill leads to massive bonus checks and recognition that comes from being a rainmaker for your company and your office.