Insurance Industry
Coaching Success Stories


Aaron was just starting out in the insurance industry. As a newly hired agent his company gave him little direction on prospecting and business development. Their attitude was that he should be able to figure it out and so they told him to go find some clients. Aaron had no background in sales. He read some books on prospecting but was having no success. He was demoralized and frustrated.

When Aaron entered the coaching program he had no business development process in place and no idea how to develop one. He was unsure of what markets he should be targeting or how he should be reaching out to those markets. He was also quite uncomfortable with the idea of cold calling.

The coaching team at helped Aaron identify his ‘Ideal Prospect’ profile for 6 different markets and then helped him develop an easy to implement, step-by-step process by which he could reach out to those markets. The coaching team worked with him on all of his messaging for each market including appointment-setting scripts, follow-up scripts, nurturing scripts along with voicemail scripts and email templates. They also recommended tools and software that made his prospecting efforts more efficient.

Now, almost 2 years later, Aaron is supremely confident and has removed the fear and emotion from prospecting. All of his biggest clients have come from cold calling and he’s writing a lot of big accounts. In addition, he was able to pay off his entire college debt, $60,000, in just 6 months.


When Jerry entered the coaching program he had been in the financial services industry for 25 years. Jerry was sick of the “feast or famine” cycle that had played out for him year after year after for much of his career. His income was up and down, but the bills came every month. Jerry never felt financially secure. He decided it was time to reinvent himself and he reached out to

Jerry was scheduling a lot of appointments with potential new clients. He used to drive everywhere to meet with anybody, at any time. Unfortunately, very few of those appointments turned into clients.

The coaching team at helped Jerry develop his “Ideal Prospect” profile and taught him how to identify real potential clients and disqualify those that did not fit his “Ideal Prospect” profile. The coaching team helped Jerry develop all of his messaging and scripts, his qualifying scripts, his presentation scripts, his next step scripts – all of the scripts that he needed to handle the conversations with prospects to ensure that 1.) They were a perfect fit and 2.) They became clients.

Five years later Jerry has close to $200,000 of ongoing, residual income per year. He no longer feels that he needs to pull a rabbit out of the hat every month. Instead he knows that his finances and lifestyle are secure. Jerry has eliminated the “feast or famine” stress and now has the time and resources to enjoy his life and career.