I was on the Guts, Grit & Great Business Podcast. We tackle some of the big pitfalls to avoid in sales conversations (and what often goes wrong), and how not to hurt yourself or your business in your sales performance and instead 3x your qualified sales appointments! Transform your business, your sales and your success with a systematized approach to getting appointments, handling the sales conversations and creating new business! Listen here!

I was on this podcast and shared some awesome strategies on bringing in business!

In this episode, you’ll learn about…

  • Why people hate the concept of cold calling
  • The process of a successful cold call
  • The importance of relevance in cold calling
  • Wendy’s voicemail strategy
  • Qualifying prospects
  • Finding the confidence to talking to the decision makers
  • Dealing with and preventing objections
  • Talking to multiple decision makers at once
  • Closing the deal starts with prospecting

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I was recently interviewed by Steffen Horst on the Performance Delivered Podcast. Learn how cold calling has changed over the years, why you need to have a target audience, as well as…

  • How to not overthink what you’re going to say— and why a script is important to have
  • How to micro-target your audience
  • Why knowing your audience’s pain points is important
  • What you need to do in order to set yourself up for cold calling success
  • And more

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No BS Sales School Podcast with Walker McKay

Listen to learn how Wendy trains sales teams to target the right audience, get their message on point, and close for an appointment. Click here it listen.

I was recently interviewed by Sujan Patel with Mailshake. Find out why cold calling scripts work so well, and how we should go about structuring them for optimal results. Listen here.

I was recently interviewed on the P is for Profit Podcast with Adam Lean. We discussed:

  • What is prospecting and cold calling?
  • How your strategy may change based on industry
  • How to establish systems for cold calling
  • Honing your cold calling skills
  • Training your team to cold call effectively
  • The Importance of Being Aware of What You Don’t Know

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Melody Campbell, The Small Business Guru, interviews Wendy Weiss on how small business owners can use the phone to get more business. Listen to the interview here.

What are the 10 forms of “twisted thinking” that sabotage your success? Listen here to @wendyweiss on Barry Moltz’s radio show. Sponsored by @SageNAmerica and @Nextiva

David Newman, author of Do It! Marketing: 77 Instant-Action Ideas to Boost Sales, Maximize Profits and Crush Your Competition, interviews Wendy Weiss. Listen to the interview here.

Jim Lobaito, BizTalk Show host, explores with Wendy Weiss, the myths behind cold calling, why it is still very much a viable technique today and why your salespeople struggle executing on it. Listen to the interview here.