Prospecting Tips: Asking Good Questions Part 1

How much do you think this would help you save?

This question also helps justify expense.

What would motivate you to change?

This question creates the rationale a prospect will use to justify their purchase

Do you have a preference?

If your prospect has a preference, you need to know what it is how they arrived at that preference. Having a preference also moves the prospect one step closer to saying, “yes.”

What has been your past experience?

If you can exploit a bad experience with a competitor, that’s terrific. If the bad experience was with your company, you need to know about it and if possible, fix the problem.

How do you know?

It’s a good idea to know where your prospect is getting information and whether or not it’s from a reliable source. (Be very careful when you say this because you never want to make your prospect feel stupid.)

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