Reach More Qualified Prospects in Half the Time Webinar Hosted by Bob Howard

A short note to let you know of a free event that is a must-attend in my opinion!

On Thursday, July 10 at 3PM Central (4PM Eastern, 2PM Mountain and 1PM Pacific), Bob Howard will be hosting a free webinar that
is a must-attend.

Register here.

Being The Queen of Cold Calling, I know first-hand (and very well) that cold calling can be time consuming. Prospects are difficult to reach and your time spent reaching them can be the difference between your success and your ultimate failure.

In order to maximize the time you spend on the phone and increase your success rate, it is imperative to have a calling plan (a Best Practice).

I invite you to attend this free Webinar led by my friend and colleague Bob Howard of Contact Science, and learn:

1. How to design a Best Practice,
2. How to calculate its impact on your revenue, and
3. How to double the number of people you can reach per hour

I’ll be there and I look forward to seeing you there too. Remember, it’s free to attend and it’s done webinar-style which increases the interaction and is done from the comfort and privacy of your home or office.

Register here.

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