Soon you’ll be asking how much you’ll exceed sales goals THIS quarter.

Personal Sales Coach

A recent report by the Sales Executive Council found no other factor that can significantly raise bottom-line results of salespeople as coaching.

Build a Scalable Prospecting System with one-on-one coaching sessions covering list building, defining your value proposition, developing specific scripts for introductory appointment-setting, gatekeepers and overcoming objections, voicemail campaigns, managing with metrics, and accountability.

For Serious Salespeople

3X Appointments® Live Sales Mentoring Program
Kickstart your Sales for 2021

3X Appointments® is a live personal mentoring program designed by Wendy Weiss that will change how you do business forever. Once you’re trained to a higher level, you’ll be hearing “yes” more – and you’ll never look back.

  • Get better at prospecting for high quality opportunities
  • Gain control over your sales and sales cycle
  • Feel confident and comfortable
  • Learn essential and brand-new sales strategies
  • Set more appointments and close more sales

The 3X Appointments® program is completed in 5 stages over the course of weekly meetings. By completing this message-focused course, you’ll be able to create powerful introductions and set more appointments.

Cold calling is still at the heart of sales life. Even with a warm introduction you’re still being judged on your first impression and your ability to communicate quick and clear value.

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3X Appointments® On Demand

Set more appointments and close more sales. The 3X Appointment Setting System is sure to become your go-to sales training tool.  You’ll be able to start using these techniques to generate leads, set appointments, and start filling your pipeline right away.

In this renowned online training program, Wendy shows you exactly how to build your pipeline. Get better at prospecting, breeze past gatekeepers, get prospects to call you back and turn objections into appointments.

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The Cold Calling Survival Guide

Start Setting Appointments in the Next 24 Hours

The Cold Calling Survival Guide

When you download this complimentary ebook, you will also get weekly tips, advice, insights, and offers from Wendy Weiss and


Reach Highly-Qualified Prospects, Book Appointments, and Close More Sales with Less Stress

  • 7 NEW rules of cold calling – the game has changed! It’s a tough selling environment, and these new rules show you how to get more results from less calls.
  • 12 voicemail and 10 email tactics – step by step guidance and detailed techniques for foiling the screens to find & connect with key decision makers, even if you’re not sure where to start!
  • 3 gatekeeper-busting scripts – gatekeepers don’t have to be a pain – they can be a source of valuable info. Find out how to get the goods so you can walk on by!
  • 19 smooth-sounding setups – subtly gather all the information you need to fascinate and compel your prospects to action!
  • 15 sure-fire closing scripts – time-tested scripts, proven to work. Close more sales, seal more deals, and nail more appointments.