Sell More by Gaining Access

Gatekeepers bar the door. Spam filters trap email. Voice mail blocks access. It has never been more difficult to reach prospects. Decision-makers are busier than ever and less accessible then ever before in history.

The issue for sales professionals and entrepreneurs: Enabling selling conversations. Everything in sales starts with a conversation. The inability to reach prospects directly means no selling conversations– sales wither and die.

To help business owners and sales professionals gain access in spite of the forces arrayed against them, Wendy Weiss, The Queen of Cold Calling, is offering the information-packed webinar, How to Bypass Gatekeepers and Voice Mail to Reach Your Prospect Directly

Says Ms. Weiss, “Access is key. While it is certainly more difficult today to reach decision-makers it is not impossible. Top producers know the strategies to enable access. I am going to share those strategies with the world.”

The webinar will focus on helping sales professionals identify the real decision- makers and get them on the telephone, craft a voice mail message that gets calls returned, know how and when to use email to gain a positive response, know what to say when a gatekeeper asks, “What is this in reference to?” and much, much more.

In addition to the instructional element of this webinar, participants will also have the opportunity to ask questions. Upon registration, attendees are encouraged to email their questions to Ms. Weiss so she can prepare to answer them during the webinar. Live questions will also be answered.

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