Sell More in a Down Economy

There has never been more a more difficult time to sell. Today’s tight economy means existing customers buying even less and fewer real prospects to increase sales. Budgets are tight or nonexistent. Companies are looking for reasons not to spend. It’s a challenging time for today’s sales professionals.

To help business owners and sales professionals move their sales process forward to close sales in spite of the economic climate, Wendy Weiss, The Queen of Cold Calling, is offering the information-packed webinar, How to Bypass Prospect Stalls, Respond to Prospect Objections and Close the Sale.

Says Ms. Weiss, “Knowing how to position your sale and pre-empt budget and pricing objections will go a long way toward closing more sales.”

The webinar will focus on helping sales professionals speed up their sales cycle, identify real prospects that will buy, eliminate prospect stalls and objections and motivate prospects to take action. Participants will learn the three-step formula for overcoming prospect resistance and specific verbiage they can use to respond to prospect pricing objections.

In addition to the instructional element of this webinar, participants will also have the opportunity to ask questions. Upon registration, attendees are encouraged to email their questions to Ms. Weiss so she can prepare to answer them during the webinar. Live questions will also be answered.

For more information and to register:

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