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How Business Owners Can 3X Appointments To Increase Sales

In this complimentary, information-packed, online training session you will discover 3 things you must be doing now, the most common mistakes business owners make when trying to set sales appointments and how you can avoid them, ​how to have the initial conversations you want to have with prospects, the only 3 things that will increase your conversion, practical and immediately actionable tips and ideas, and, much, much more…. Click here to register.

Make it simple to manage your everyday processes so you can close more deals, resolve more support tickets, and Get Things Done.

Yesware will notify you on who opens and clicks on your emails, be able to see whether they opened it on desktop or mobile and quickly check the status of each tracked message. Yesware works in the background of the email client you already use, so you can get started quickly and stay focused on selling — not learning new software.

Email tracking for Outlook, Gmail and Mac options. Bananatag will automatically let you know when the email was read or if any links in the email were clicked. You can get notified right in your inbox and get in depth details online including location, device type and operating system. Add-ins work with Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013.

Track emails and get more insights on your recipients’ reading behaviors. Make Email and Salesforce more powerful. Create a lead, log a call, create a task or event, update an opportunity and log a case – without leaving Outlook or Gmail. Save an hour per day. Know who is opening up your emails and clicking on your links. Get notifications on who is ready to buy to close more deals faster. Start updating your Salesforce and track emails from Outlook and Gmail in under 2 minutes. It doesn’t get any better.

Know who reads your emails and when by having a double check mark on your message to know if the person has read your message. Free & Unlimited with Gmail (the only app with double check marks for Gmail).

A totally free database of 14 million US businesses available through many public libraries. In addition, with your library card you can access many other databases that could be useful.

A list service provider that offers a free membership – no strings attached – that provides its users with 50 new free leads every month. Finding leads is half the battle in sales. Building your own list can be time consuming and cumbersome. ExchangeLeads vigorously validates their leads on a recurring basis, which means your calls will not go to disconnected lines or wrong numbers. Sign up for a free membership.

Want to get a foot in the door, land more appointments, and net more sales? Then you need to be able to craft compelling introductions. With Owler you can stay up-to-date on the latest news and alerts (such as funding, acquisitions, and CEO changes) for all your prospects. Sign up for free.

Free Online Training

3 Secrets to Get Prospects to Return Your Calls

It’s harder than ever to reach prospects. Today’s super busy, stressed-out prospects don’t answer their phones and hide behind voice mail. Your emails all seem to be lost in cyberspace. How can you and/or your team sell when you can never speak directly with a prospect?  That’s why I’m offering this complimentary, information-packed, online training where you will receive a proven method to make your prospect response rate jump, the voice mail message that almost always gets a return phone call, 3 Secrets to get prospects to return your calls, how to compel prospects to take action, and much, much more!  Click here to register.