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  • 7 NEW rules of cold calling – the game has changed! It’s a tough selling environment, and these new rules show you how you can get more results from less calls!
  • 12 voicemail and 10 email tactics – step by step guidance and detailed techniques for foiling the screens to find & connect with key decision makers, even if you’re not sure where to start!
  • 3 gatekeeper-busting scripts – gatekeepers don’t have to be a pain – they can be a source of valuable info. Find out how to get the goods so you can walk on by!
  • 19 smooth-sounding setups – subtly gather all the information you need to fascinate and compel your prospects to action!
  • 15 sure-fire closing scripts – time-tested scripts, proven to work. Close more sales, seal more deals and nail more appointments!

Immediate access with the PDF, risk free, for only $32

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  • Finding Your Ideal Prospects: Those Most Likely to Buy This recorded webinar (a $99 value) reveals insiders’ secret resources that will show you how to reach targeted prospects… and how to compel them to act!
  • Ideal Leads Quick Start Guide A detailed listing of highly targeted prospect resources that most sales specialists never even think of (a $27 value)!
  • Ideal Prospect Profile Workbook These step by step directions (a $47 value) will help you get ahead of the game by quickly implementing quality tools and tactics to find premium leads – free!
  • 101 Cold Calling Tips for Building Business in a Down Economy 101, easy to read, bite-sized tips to accelerate your sales (a $27 value)!
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Immediate access with the PDF, risk free, for only $32