The Prospecting & Lead Generation Summit

Fill Your Sales Funnel In Spite of the Economy

It’s 2010 and everything has changed. Selling is harder than ever before. Even getting qualified prospects into a sales funnel is harder than ever before.  Prospects are doing more with less. They are less accessible.  They are more stressed out and busier than ever. They’re far less willing to engage with sales representatives.

The key to healthy sales, especially in today’s economy, is a healthy sales pipeline.  Lead generation and prospecting precede selling. Without lead generation and prospecting there is no selling. The tough economy has simply made this part of the equation that much tougher.

That is why Wendy Weiss, The Queen of Cold Calling, has brought together six renowned experts in the fields of lead generation and prospecting for a week long, information-packed event, The Prospecting & Lead Generation Summit.

Ms. Weiss has designed The Prospect & Lead Generation Summit expressly for sales professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, consultants, service professionals–anyone whose livlihood depends on keeping a constant flow of qualified prospects coming in the door. The Summit speakers will share the secrets to filling a sales funnel with highly qualified prospects that are likely to buy. Each webinar in this exciting series will be packed with strategic, actionable information that attendees can put to use immediately.

The expert line up includes: Wendy Weiss (The Queen of Cold Calling), Paul McCord (Referral Selling), Umar Hameed (Getting Your Sales Unstuck), Liz Lynch (Smart Networking), Nigel Edelshain (Sales 2.0), and Nancy Nardin (Prospecting and Lead Generation Tools). Attendees will finish the webinar series knowing exactly how to fill their sales funnel with highly qualified prospects that are likely to buy.

For information and/or to register for The Prospecting & Lead Generation Summit visit For information on other sales-enhancing Weiss Communications products and programs call 866-405-8212 or email

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