The Queen of Cold Calling Tips: Building Your Calling Technique

Building an introductory calling technique has a great advantage. When you are having a good day, it is very easy to be “on.” Technique will give you a way to get yourself “on” when you are having a bad day. Building technique gives you a process to pull yourself together and get to where you need to be to do your work. That “autopilot” process will kick in, allowing you to leave your bad day behind.

One of my colleagues refers to telephone prospecting as “telephone theater.” I love that description because when you are making calls, you need to decide what it is that you want your prospect to hear and also to feel. How will you get them to hear and feel what you want them to hear and feel? Which words will you emphasize? Which words will you move through quickly?

To better your “telephone theater” performance, record yourself. It’s very valuable to hear how you sound to others.  If you do not like the way you sound, you can work to change how you say what you say.

Bear in mind that it takes time to learn new habits. You will not change over night. It may take you weeks of working on an approach to get it right. Once you get it right, however, it will be crystal clear because it will be working. The people who are really successful are the ones that do not quit.

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