The Queen Recommends the IdeaMarketers Expert 360 Program

Are you ready to delegate marketing off your plate? Not enough time/energy to keep up with all the marketing & social media you know you SHOULD be doing?

Now ideal clients will beat a path to your door, WITHOUT you spending hours upon hours marketing yourself.

Here are some reasons you’d want to explore adding the IdeaMarketers Expert 360 program to your marketing:

  • You enjoy being marketed alongside other bona fide experts. 
  • You are a prolific writer of articles (especially if you make good use of keyword phrases).
  • You’d like to broaden your market reach.
  • You are especially interested in media opportunities — IdeaMarketers specializes in getting that kind of exposure for their Experts.
  • You’d like to benefit from Marnie’s extensive internet marketing experience, available via two calls a month just for Experts.

My friend and colleague, Marnie Pehrson, is offering a special limited-time extra for new 360 Experts — you’ll receive a gift membership in her new Monetize Your Gifts program. This is an extensive training area that teaches you how to brand yourself effectively, how to self-publish, how to create a WordPress site, and more! It includes audios, videos and ebooks on questions people ask Marnie the most — available for you to access as needed.

Learn more here.

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