The Cold Calling Tips Podcast – Honesty is Still Always the Best Policy

Having a hard time reaching the decision-maker directly? Tempted to use a trick and/or fudge the truth just a bit? In this Cold Calling Tips Podcast, Wendy Weiss, The Queen of Cold Calling®, shares why when you’re doing business by phone, Honesty is Still Always the Best Policy.


Average is the New Broke

Just a few years ago you could be average and do ok.  Not anymore.  There’s been a dramatic shift and if you were once average you are now on the bottom of the rung because the people in the group below you are already gone.  The bad news is you can’t change any of the external circumstances that created this dramatic shift.  The good news is you can take full responsibility for your actions and your skills.  You either ratchet your skill level up or risk failure.  So have you…

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